Boston, MA– When Bill Simmons began to use his podcast to discuss the possibility of a Boston slam (meaning all four major professional sports teams win their respective championships in the same year), many were quick to hop on the bandwagon of hating Boston sports and its fans all over again. And I mean, I get it. Since 2002, all four of our teams have won at least one title, with the Red Sox winning four and the Patriots six. It’s an unprecedented run of dominance and you think we would be satisfied by now, but clearly the Boston slam became a tantalizing prospect.

The Celtics ended up being the let down for it and even though the slam is no longer destiny, Boston still has a chance to have the best year in sports for a single city in history if the Bruins win the Stanley Cup. Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that outsiders see as smug, arrogant, and entitled, but what can be done about that? I wouldn’t trade any title for the feelings of being well-liked by rivals. At a certain point, we just have to lean into the idea that we are the heels of the sports world. It makes for a much more entertaining and palatable rooting experience.

This embracing of arrogance has been particularly strong in Boston ever since the Bruins swept the Carolina Hurricanes. It’s even beginning to permeate the city’s billboards as Reddit user u/JohnPaulJones1776 pointed out with a humorous image snapped on his recent drive.

No wonder people hate us.. from r/boston

He shared the image of an Ace Ticket billboard with a picture of the Stanley Cup on it and the caption, “End the Drought! 104 Days Since Last Boston Title.” The sign is an encouragement to the Boston Bruins, who are of course headed to the Stanley Cup next week.  

It completely makes sense when you think about the fact that we’ve had two duck boat parades in the past nine months, and no other city has any. In fact, a 32-year-old fan of the Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Islanders from New York has seen fewer championships than a 7-month-old baby in Boston has. By two! But come on, there are still 3-month-old Boston babies who have never seen a title. We gotta give them something!