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Alleged Boston Globe Bomb Threat; Possible Anti-Journalism Connection

Alleged Boston Globe Bomb Threat; Possible Anti-Journalism Connection

Boston, MA - A report suggested that bomb threats were issued against The Boston Globe by unknown individuals on August 16th. Claims that these threats may be related to the Globe's new "Journalists Are Not The Enemy" movement published in today's newspaper are unsubstantiated as of now. Sources suggest that the FBI is investigating the situation, and memos went out warning those in the building to be wary.

The Origins of the "Journalists Are Not The Enemy" Movement

President Donald J. Trump is known for lambasting critics, celebrities, and even foreign countries on social media. His Twitter account @therealDonaldTrump, which has nearly 54 million followers as of the publishing date of this article, has famously attacked the likes of prominent Democrats such as Former President Barack Obama & House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, GOP leaders like John McCain & Carly Fiorina, and even members of his own staff, including U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, & most recently political aide Omarosa Manigault. Not even Snoop Dogg is outside of the reach of President Trump's social media cross-hairs.

In fact, the New York Times published the aggregated attacks in a 2016 article, which, at that time, tallied to nearly 500 individuals and groups.

Over the course of his presidency, perhaps no industry has received more ire from Donald Trump than news agencies, specifically those President Trump sees as purveyors of "Fake News" - a term that he coined for outlets which he says provide incorrect or slanted opinions within their reporting.

Some argue that these attacks have largely been successful, as President Trump's supporters have turned vehemently against news organizations like CNN, The New York Times, and the Boston Globe - to name a few.

In an attempt to stand-up for their reporting, newspapers around the country coordinated a new movement today, stating that "Free press is not the enemy." For better or for worse, the Boston Globe is one of the movement's biggest proponents, with a new section of their website dedicated to the cause and a front-page article explaining the rationale.

As a result, President Trump posted fiery message to his Twitter account which reads as follows:

Not surprisingly, the timing and nature of the new movement has taken center stage in regards to the reported bomb threats at the Boston Globe offices. With no official suspects or motives, the FBI is now conducting an investigation.