Brookline, MA - An internal investigation about the incident and the ensuing conduct of an off-duty Brookline Police officer is now underway.

The plain clothed, off-duty officer allegedly drew his personal sidearm on two unarmed suspects in order to detain drivers who had struck his vehicle. It is currently unclear whether the officer drew his gun before or after the driver of the BMW attempted to flee, but police reports suggest that the armed confrontation only occurred after the fact. A police statement did suggest that the individuals seemed as if they were going to pull over, but changed course and fled West on Route 9.

Brookline Police spokesperson Lieutenant Philip Harrington later stated, "We got a lot of calls ... Somebody was displaying a gun on Route 9 at some other subjects stopped in traffic." Lt. Harrington added, "The officer determined there was really no effort to pull over, and they were actually fleeing the crash scene."

Police now say that a number of policies may have been violated, including 'Use of Force' and 'Off-Duty Conduct' policies, for which the officer in question is now under investigation.