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Blue Bottle Coffee Now Open In Prudential Center

Blue Bottle Coffee Now Open In Prudential Center

Boston, MA - Blue Bottle Coffee, an Oakland, California-based coffee chain and coffee roaster, may be a relative newcomer to the Boston area, but it is a visible one. The cafe—which opened its first area location in February in Harvard Square and its downtown location in May—has now expanded with its latest offering at the Prudential Center.

Founded by current CEO James Freeman in 2001, Blue Bottle—frequently referred to as the “Apple of coffees”—has long enjoyed a reputation as being a small-batch, third wave coffee shop with a focus on single origin harvesting. The company, which was acquired by Nestlé in 2017, anticipates expanding to over 50 locations internationally including Tokyo, Miami and New York.

It’s all part of the now common trend of independent coffee shops, such as long beloved fixtures like Jaho, Diesel and 1369 Coffee, vying against imposing franchises for competition.

The company, which also offers home delivery and wholesale, offers a more digital friendly experience for customers with small batch subscriptions and a wide assortment of accessories and merchandise. “I don’t want wholesale to be 80 or 90 percent of our revenue, explains Freeman. “That means having our own retail shops, and I think that means connecting with people where they live. It means having a digital channel, and subscriptions to send home. It means providing ways for customers to connect with us where the coffee is beautiful, carefully sourced, well-roasted, and delicious. I just want to make it easier for people to have that experience.”

“It’s not just putting coffee in a basket and pressing a button. A skill implies that some people can be better at it than others, so it’s a way of appreciating professionals, which is important. These are really skilled professionals in our bars that are good at it, and it’s fun to watch somebody who is really good at what they do, whether it’s a chef dicing little carrots or mixology.”

In addition to serving coffee and espresso, Blue Bottle will offer an assortment of pastries, Liège-style waffles and light foods.

Blue Bottle, which vows to serve coffee only within 48 hours of roasting, plans to inaugurate its grand opening on Wednesday, July 11th. The cafe will host a community day with free samples for customers on Tuesday, July 10th with all proceeds from sales of food and merchandise to be donated to Artists For Humanity, a non-profit assisting area youth with internship and employment opportunities in art and design.

*Blue Bottle Coffee is open at 800 Boylston St in Boston. Their hours are Monday-Sunday from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. The community day event will be open on Tuesday, July 10th from 9 a.m.-3 p.. For more information, visit <a href="https://bluebottlecoffee.com/" target="blank" rel="nofollow"bluebottlecoffee.com For more information on Artists for Humanity, visit <a href="http://afhboston.org/ target="blank" rel="nofollow"afhboston.org