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Blazed Then Boiled; In Search Of A More Humane End for Lobsters

Blazed Then Boiled; In Search Of A More Humane End for Lobsters

Boston, MA - A restaurateur in Maine has suggested an interesting way to prepare lobsters in what she argues is a more humane way before boiling them – but will it work and is it legal? The Main Health Inspection Program and the general public weigh in on these questions; all relevant comments are provided below.

Charlotte Gil, the owner of Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound, recently came up with an idea to more humanely kill her lobsters: get them high on marijuana. Gil, according to sources, decided to use her medical marijuana license to give weed to lobsters before they were to be boiled in the pot. According to Gil, she thinks that giving the weed to the arthropods will alleviate the pain that the animals would feel when being boiled.

The Main Health Inspection Program intervened, stating that Gil has had her first warning to stop doing this. Feeding weed to the lobsters would violate the Maine food code by inadvertently using marijuana in cooking.

Many other opinions have ensued over this very different subject matter.
According to Corby Kummer, a well-known food critic, introducing marijuana to cuisine will change restaurant life and provide a “new culinary frontier” to the cooking world.

Another person from the Boston area came forward to state that lobsters do not have receptors in their brain that allow them to respond to marijuana; this would make the idea of feeding lobsters marijuana obsolete. This means that attempting this theory will do nothing for the lobsters; they will still feel the pain. Instead, this unknown commentator suggested that people, restaurant owners, and cooks put them in the fridge prior to boiling them. At least this will slow down their metabolism, allowing them to think the boiling is more of a natural event and not a torture tactic.

Yet another person from the Boston area came forward to say that there’s still another option: Use clove oil to anesthetize lobsters. If you choose this route, be sure to not use too much clove oil, as it could seep into the meat and produce a very strong taste.