Boston, MA– Boston has a reputation for great seafood, and as such it has a lively sushi scene with innovative chefs from around the world. With a number of award-winning sushi restaurants, there are plenty of options for sushi lovers.

From the very high end sushi restaurants to grab-and-go options, Boston has it all. While you can easily drop a few hundred dollars at some of the more elite establishments, there are plenty of fun sushi places that can accommodate any budget. We’ve reviewed Boston sushi restaurants across all prices ranges so no matter what your mood or wallet size, there’s something delicious here for you.

O Ya

O Ya boasts of their Omakase menu selection, which offers a 17-course experience with a set menu specially selected by the chef. In Japanese, omakase means “respectfully letting another decide what is best,” and at O Ya, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

The Omakase option will run you about $300 per person if you opt to go with the beverage pairing, though you can also choose to order for yourself off their decadent menu. Not surprisingly, they also have an impressive sake selection.

9 East St, Boston, MA 02111


A high-concept sushi establishment serving a variety of Japanese dishes, Oishii is pricey (four dollar signs on Yelp), but you get what you pay for. Each deluxe dish is elegantly prepared; high marks for style. Try the Shiitake Galore maki roll, or, for an impressive presentation, the Salmon On Fire appetizer.

A fixture in the Boston sushi scene since 1998, Oishii is an elegant dining spot perfect for a special night out.

1166 Washington St #110, Boston, MA 02118

Avana Sushi

If you’re on a tight budget, you can’t beat Avana Sushi. With locations in Chinatown and at Downtown Crossing, you can choose to dine in at their casual cafes, or you could order takeout or delivery and spend a cozy night in. The Chef’s Special maki rolls are all around $10.

For dinner with friends, split the maki combination platter. It’s about $40 and has a lovely presentation for an affordable takeout meal.

42 Beach Street, Chinatown, Boston, MA 02111
58 Franklin Street, Downtown Crossing, Boston, MA 02118


Douzo in the Back Bay has a sleek lounge feel. Diners love their menu with artful photos of each item. One of the menu highlights is the Sweet Miso Yellowtail Roll with Mango and Fried Onion. They offer high-end options as well as some more moderately priced maki rolls. And of course, they source their lobster locally.

It’s also a fun lunch spot with a number of bento box and sushi combos.

131 Dartmouth Street, Back Bay, Boston, MA 02116

Fat Baby

With a swanky modern interior design, Fat Baby is a hip spot for sushi lovers with an affordable price tag. The Specialty Maki Rolls range from $10 to $16. Interestingly for a sushi spot, they also offer a creative brunch menu with Asian fusion dishes like the Tater Tot Poutine featuring a Panang curry sauce.

On Maki Mondays you can get unlimited maki rolls for $27 from 5pm - 10pm. Also be sure to check out their craft cocktails.

118 Dorchester Street, South Boston, MA 02127

Fuji at Ink Block

Fuji offers a perfect balance of great quality at reasonable prices in a classy setting. The standard six-piece maki rolls, or Makimono, start at $6 for the Salmon Maki. If you’re feeling adventurous and ready to splurge, check out “The Finer Makis” menu section which features more exotic ingredients like Japanese Wagyu beef and caviar in The Queen’s Roll ($32).

In the summertime, there is outdoor seating on the sidewalk. If you come during “Appy Hour,” they offer $5 deals on appetizers between 3-6pm and after 10pm.

352 Harrison Ave, South End, Boston, MA 02118


Pabu got its start as one of famed San Francisco Michael Mina's restaurants, opening this Boston location in 2016. Pabu offers an 8-course Omakase tasting menu with optional luxury courses and sake pairings. They use aka-zu, a traditional Japanese vinegar, to flavor their sushi rice, giving it a darker appearance.

Their elegant sushi presentation and rare menu items make Pabu a great choice for an unforgettable date night.

3 Franklin Street, Downtown Crossing, Boston, MA 02110


Located near the Hynes Convention Center inside the Eliot Hotel, Uni is a chic Japanese pub with unique Asian street food dishes in addition to sushi. They also offer an Omakase, or chef’s choice, meal for $155 per person. Uni focuses on luxurious ingredients in unique combinations, like the Lobster BLT Roll, or the Uni Spoon, which is a spoonful of osetra caviar, quail egg yolk, and yuzu.

While the sushi menu may be pricey, they also offer cheaper street food dishes like ramen noodles. The more affordable late-night menu is available on Fridays and Saturdays after 10:30pm.

370A Commonwealth Avenue, Back Bay, Boston, MA 02215