BOSTON - If any of the candidates who are currently campaigning to be the Democratic Party's nominee for president were expected to host a major rally in the state of Massachusetts, one would assume that candidate would be Elizabeth Warren, a senator from this very state.

Instead, it seems like the big-name presence in Boston ahead of Super Tuesday is going to be Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from nearby Vermont, who is currently running as the frontrunner of the Democratic candidates.

Senator Sanders was already slated to hold a rally this Friday night in Springfield, but he is doubling down on his presence in major Massachusetts cities with the announcement yesterday that he would hold a rally on the Boston Common this Saturday, per Boston Globe. The rally is slated to kick off at twelve in the afternoon, with Sanders supporters being allowed in as early as ten in the morning.

It seems like Massachusetts has become an important battleground state for the Democratic hopefuls because with fourteen states voting in primaries on Super Tuesday, March 3, it seems surprising that one might attempt to hold down the fort in just one of those states for two consecutive days. Current projections suggest the race is a close one for the Massachusetts primary, which could explain why Sanders is looking to emphasize his presence in the Bay State. Despite this, the campaign of Senator Warren remains optimistic in their projections for how she will fare in her home state.

Yes, Super Tuesday is this Tuesday, which means that it is almost time for all Massachusetts residents to get out and vote so they can make their voices heard! This is truly an important election and every vote counts. It can often seem like Massachusetts is a given on election days with their track record of candidate approval, but as you can see, it is still possible to contest the ballots in this state.

Early voting is also underway for Massachusetts primary voters (I have already voted myself) and you should get out there when you can, too! Of course, if you want to see what Senator Sanders has to say in his rally first, then that is a perfectly valid reason to think it over a bit first.

Image via Wikimedia Commons