BOSTON - When it comes to covering Boston celebrities, I feel like I might tend to lean more towards Matt Damon. But now, there is some Ben Affleck news to go around for anyone who is an avid fan of the Cambridge native who made it big.


It was announced late last week that Affleck’s next directorial feature will be King Leopold’s Ghost, as shared by People. Also set as a producer, Affleck has united his talents and influence with those of director Martin Scorsese to help get the film made. The movie is based on the book of the same name by Adam Hochschild and it is a historical drama. Set in Congo during the 1900s, King Leopold’s Ghost will be about Leopold II and the imperialist robbery of Congo’s resources by Belgians.


Affleck has focused much of his attention over the years on a non-profit initiative for Congo, which calls for U.S. aid in combating a number of violent atrocities being committed in the nation. In 2012, Affleck traveled to the U.S. Congress to testify on behalf of his non-profit, the Eastern Congo Initiative. There, he asked for the U.S. to help support the people of the Congo as they try to rebuild their nation.


It seems like Affleck is really committed tor raising awareness about issues in the Congo and this movie will definitely be a major step towards giving a platform to the nation on a larger stage.


Affleck has had a tumultuous time in the past couple of years. In 2017, it was publicly reported by Hilarie Burton that he groped her fourteen years prior. Affleck later apologized for the occurrence and condemned the actions of producer Harvey Weinstein, with whom Affleck worked on films like Shakespeare in Love and Good Will Hunting. Affleck also went through a stint in rehab.


Movie-wise, his most recent directorial debut, Live by Night, bombed and Affleck was eventually ousted as Batman from the DC Extended Universe. Perhaps King Leopold’s Ghost will be a return to form for him. He did direct The Town and Argo, after all. The latter won Best Picture.


Image Via Wikimedia Commons