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Dave Mello is a Boston area writer who loves all things Massachusetts, especially the amazing sports scene and strange happenings. Fenway Park is one of his favorite places to spend an evening.

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The Usual Suspects Are Back At It on the Streets of Boston

#Boston Gossip

BOSTON - When you hear about transportation delays in the city of Boston you're likely to think about the MBTA, and for good reason, too. 2019…

David Mello

How Boston Fared at the 2019 ESPY Awards

#Best of Boston #Boston Sports

LOS ANGELES - There is only one day in the entire calendar year that features no NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB games, and that day was…

David Mello

Formerly "Extinct" Plant Located in Central Massachusetts

#Local Boston News

LUNENBURG - There might just be hope for the dinosaurs yet. If a long thought to be extinct plant re-emerges, than nothing could ever really be…

David Mello

Are There Any Boston Market Restaurants Left in Boston?

#Food & Drink in Boston

In the world of fast food, many chain restaurants have a specific location in their name, but that doesn't mean that they're only found in that…

David Mello

How the Red Sox Fared in the MLB All-Star Game

#Boston Sports

CLEVELAND - There was more Boston love than you would expect from a Cleveland-based All-Star Game. The Red Sox were represented by Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts,…

David Mello

Patriots Off-Season Profiles: Dont'a Hightower and the Linebackers

#Boston Sports

FOXBOROUGH - One of the most consistent strengths of the New England Patriots across their two decade-long dynasty is the ability to draft linebackers who are…

David Mello

Jaylen Brown Tackles the American Education System as an MIT Fellow

#Best of Boston #Boston Sports #Boston Business & Tech

CAMBRIDGE - Many high profile athletes have decided to use their status and their wealth for a good cause. Athletes like Tim Tebow, LeBron James, and…

David Mello

Top 25 Bruins of All-Time: #15 - #11

#Boston Sports

Welcome to the third week of this countdown. (For those who missed it, here's week two.)15. Gerry Cheevers - Cheevers is one of the best…

David Mello

A Turkey Family Arrives in the South End

#Local Boston News #Boston Gossip

BOSTON - While Boston likes to consider itself a city that welcomes immigrants, some newcomers have been testing this welcome for years. We're talking, of course,…

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