Boston, MA - Intrigue, deceit, theft, and a spy tasked with photographing enemy territory. It sounds like the description of a Tom Clancy novel rather than that of the ALCS Game 1 between the Red Sox and the Astros. The MLB is now investigating the Houston Astros for allegedly cheating against both the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians.

By all accounts, Kyle McLaughlin is a name that should never come up in relation to the Houston Astros. Neither employee, nor mentioned publicly by the team, this man seems to have no deep connection to any sports team, beyond being a fan. So the fact that he was seen photographing strategic details from the dugouts of the Cleveland Indians and the Boston Red Sox could be viewed as a fan taking pictures of opposing players. And yet, McLaughlin posted photos to his Instagram with Astros owner Jim Crane - wearing a team badge, no less.

Kyle McLaughlin, man caught photographing Boston Red Sox & Cleveland Indians Dugout, poses with Astros Owner Jim Crane

Could Kyle McLaughlin simply have weaseled his way into a photo-op with this team owner? Maybe he just loves the Astros so much that he did everything he could to get behind the scenes, but a photo of McLaughlin posing in front of a private jet owned by companies associated with Jim Crane - and the fact that the photo above shows McLaughlin with a team pass, could suggests a deeper, darker tie to the Houston Astros.

These photos from Kyle McLaughlin's Instagram have since been deleted and were recovered by sources online

Sources suggest that the Boston Red Sox were tipped off by member of the Cleveland Indians of the alleged cheating. Photos obtained by Up To Boston show Kyle McLaughlin wearing a suit and photographing an opposing team's dugout. Sources have reported that individuals close to the teams saw this man sending text after text while in the act of photographing opposing team strategy and boards. The Astros are now under investigation by the MLB, while the team is in the midst their showdown with the Boston Red Sox.