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Jabari Bird Arrested - He "Assaulted, Choked & Kidnapped," Sources Say

Jabari Bird Arrested - He "Assaulted, Choked & Kidnapped," Sources Say

Boston, MA - An assault in Brighton, Massachusetts over the weekend resulted in the arrest of Jabari Bird, a guard on the roster of the Boston Celtics. According to local police, the victim of Bird's alleged assault is being treated in a hospital separate from Bird's place of evaluation, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, where he is in custody. The domestic violence division of the police force is currently investigating the assault, which will result in Bird being arraigned on this coming Monday. He is currently facing charges of domestic abuse, strangulation, and kidnapping. Fortunately, the victim is expected to recover.

While awaiting the arraignment of Bird, the Boston Celtics released a statement last night that detailed their awareness of the assault and that they are waiting for further information before they make their official decision on Bird. The team selected Bird in the second round of the 2017 NBA Draft and they offered him a two year contract after making the selection.

The decision on Bird is still forthcoming, but there is clearly a much larger issue at play here. If the assault is true and was actually committed by Bird, he should undeniably be cut from the Celtics roster and he should not be allowed to play in the NBA anymore, in my opinion. There simply should be a no tolerance policy for domestic violence across all professions, not just in professional sports. However, there is no denying that domestic abuse has been a prevalent crime in professional sports.

From players in the NFL like Ezekiel Elliott and Ray Rice to NBA players like Darren Collison and Ron Artest and now Bird, there are too frequently paths for redemption for athletes who do not deserve it. Punishments are often times more severe for athletes who test positive for marijuana than for those who are charged with domestic assault. There is simply no excuse for this pattern to be perpetuated.

In my opinion, if convicted, Bird should be banned from the NBA. Too frequently, athletes like him have such a strong platform that their crimes cannot touch them. What kind of example is this setting?