CAMBRIDGE - Do you remember being a kid who was driven to accomplish various life goals and tasks because of the incentives provided to you by your parents? "If you get this flu shot, you can pick out one thing in Target." "If you get good grades in school, we will take you out to a dinner of your choice."

It always made these dreadful, menial tasks that no kid looks forward to a bit more exciting. At least, I have fond memories of them. But one restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts has taken this sentiment to the next level. This time, it is for college students.

One Ramen and Sushi, a specialty restaurant, has made a very special offer to local students who did well last semester. If a student had an A in one of their classes last fall, they are eligible to receive a free tonkotsu ramen dish from One Ramen and Sushi. This style of ramen comes with pork and mushrooms, as well as corn and eggs. Fish cake and bamboo shoots help top off the tonkotsu ramen flavoring. It typically cost $11, but A students are able to receive it for free!

Keep in mind, the offer is only available until this Friday at five o'clock in the evening. Academic identification and transcripts are required to obtain the bowl, but it is definitely worth it. They serve it between the hours of 11:30 in the morning to 5:00, so be sure to hustle over in time!

It seems like a worthy incentive. After all, few foods are associated with a college lifestyle like ramen noodles are. Whenever someone moves into a dorm room, they always make a stop by the grocery store first to load up on some packets of ramen noodles, which are cheap and easy to make. They are the perfect option for dorm room eating. It can be a refreshing change of pace to ace your classes and then get treated to ramen that is not only free, but also above the quality of the packets found in local stores.

Image via Wikimedia Commons