Boston, MA - In the wake of significant investigation into logged overtime hours by Massachusetts State Troopers who have since been charged with fraud against the department, another story is breaking of a similar scandal - this time, at the Boston Public Library.

Stories of embezzlement have swirled since June about the Massachusetts State Troopers who allegedly stole thousands from their department by logging overtime hours which they did not work. The public was outraged by their actions and followed with calls for change when it was uncovered that the officers were still receiving their pension plans which were based on the fraudulent hours that they had logged. Within the context of this anger, another scandal of virtually the same sort being exposed in the government is likely to spur a new round of ire for tax-payers in Massachusetts.

In a story by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting (NE CIR), a police investigation has begun over the suspected scam being run by the custodial staff at the Boston Public Library (BPL) - an institution which is known throughout the country for its historic archives and as a tourist destination.

The investigation began when one custodian, Calogero Russo, was fired by BPL for allegedly falsifying a time card. His firing spawned a full police investigation in overtime practices and has resulted in three separate suspensions of managers within the organization.

Russo provided NE CIR with a letter that he had received from the Department of Unemployment Assistance which stated, "The [overtime] rule was not uniformly enforced when it was violated by other employees."

As of the time of this article, neither the Boston Police Department nor Mayor Marty Walsh's office have made comment on this story.