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Angry Boston Drivers Called Out By Pedestrian

Angry Boston Drivers Called Out By Pedestrian

Boston, MA– There is no one city that can really claim to have the highest percentage of drivers with road rage, if there even is a way to quantify such a thing. But there is no denying that if a list was to be made of the cities with the most furious drivers (moving at the slowest speeds), Boston would surely be a contender for the top position. Obviously, many cities could be in the same spot, but there’s just something about Boston drivers that earn them their reputation for being Massholes.

It also adds to the rage that Boston is a very complicated city to drive through, with many unexpected one-way streets and sudden appearances of tunnels that funnel you onto the highway. The old saying is still often quite true: "You can't get there from heah." This atmosphere can understandably result in a number of ticked off drivers. Put them together on the same roads and you've got a recipe for frustration brewing. Here's a prime example of how road rage plays out in Boston.

Thanks to Redditor u/Buy_High_Sell_Low, this moment in Boston driving will be chronicled forever. On the subreddit for Boston, he shared the following story.

Just witnessed a great Boston driving moment from r/boston

“As I turned a corner in the South End just now, I hear a few long angry honks. As I pull up, I see two cars side by side in the same lane. The two drivers started to yell at each other about whatever happened in the intersection that caused the honking.

I was pretty sure they were going to get out of their cars and go at it, but then out of nowhere, a pedestrian on the sidewalk just yells, ‘You’re both wrong!’ They both just shut up and drive off. Love it.”

Boston pedestrians have road rage too. Maybe they even have a better perspective on the matter, with much more at stake than drivers who are protected by their cars.