Boston, MA - There was a palpable energy in Fenway Park last night when Mookie Betts was on his thirteenth pitch of his at bat and the entire crowd rose to their feet. What they might not have known when they were clapping or cheering is that one of the greatest at bats in professional baseball history was unfolding right in front of them.

With the Red Sox down 2-1 to the Toronto Blue Jays and J.A. Happ absolutely dealing, a couple defensive miscues quickly loaded the bases for Mookie who, if it were not for his teammate, J.D. Martinez, would be having a runaway, slam dunk campaign for Most Valuable Player in the American League this season. Betts fell behind in the count 1-2 quickly before fouling off some pitches, getting the count to a full 3-2, and finding some luck when an error resulted in yet another foul ball. It was on the next pitch when Mookie would not let Toronto forget about the mistake they made leaving him at the plate. He sent a scorching baseball soaring over the Green Monster in left field for a grand slam that the Red Sox took the lead from and never looked back.

It was a gorgeously special moment for a player who is having the season of his life and for a team that is completely playing out of their minds right now. It was a moment fans will look back on as one of the defining moments of the 2018 Red Sox. It was just that special.

The Red Sox have won their last ten games in a row and are almost a shoe in to set the record for the best record before the All-Star break in major league history. They have increased their lead in the AL East to three and a half games and they absolutely have the best record in baseball.

But beyond all of the history and all of the records being set, I wanted to set aside that one at bat. When Dennis Eckersley screamed, “Yay!” from the broadcast booth, it became undoubtedly clear that this might be one of the most fun Sox teams we will ever see.