BOSTON - Earlier in January, longtime NBA analyst and famed Boston Celtics fan Bill Simmons discussed the current state of the NBA on his Ringer podcast, The Bill Simmons Podcast, with his editor, Chris Ryan. During the podcast, Simmons theorized that the Celtics are just one trade away from becoming one of the top-tier title contenders in the NBA. Since then, as the trade deadline approaches in the distance and the rumors swirl around the league, it becomes clearer and clearer that Simmons is probably right.

The Celtics seem to think so, too, as the frequent rumors in the world of basketball trades have often pertained to the Celtics. Anytime a player is rumored to be on the block, the Celtics are somehow linked to it through an underground network of sources. Just last week, Bleacher Report seemed to give credence to the idea that the Celtics might flip Gordon Hayward and some other assets to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Andre Drummond. That's one of the keys here. Not Drummond, but Hayward.

Hayward, despite his injuries, has been having a bit of a comeback season with the Celtics so far. He is scoring at an impressive clip, but his defense has, at times, left a lot to be desired. It still seems like he is missing a step. That is why it has become a prevailing idea for the Celtics to move Hayward while they can still get some return on him.

Drummond would cost more than Hayward, though. Some young rookies off the bench or some potential draft picks would have to be sent to Detroit to acquire the big man. But is it worth it?

I definitely feel it is worth exploring. The Celtics are lacking in both depth and size and Drummond, with his ability to grab major boards and eat up time on the court, could provide both. But the price might just be too steep for a player who has perennially shown an ability to get to the next level of his abilities. Perhaps some other players around the league (like Jaxson Hayes of the New Orleans Pelicans, perhaps?) could come at a cheaper price.

The Celtics are definitely equipped for a deep playoff run with their current roster. But if they want a true shot at the NBA Finals, they need to do something, anything to potentially match up with the Milwaukee Bucks and their monster star, Giannis Antetokounmpo. (He is not on the trading block.)

Image via Wikimedia Commons