Boston, MA - According to the Methuen Police Chief, Joseph Solomon, an alleged shooting occurred Monday night, January 7, 2019, in a McDonald’s parking lot located in Methuen, MA. The Lawrence man allegedly accused of being involved in the shooting was arrested soon after the incident had taken place.

Henry Infante, age 42, was arrested Tuesday evening, January 8, 2019. According to officials, Infante had been at large all day before being brought into custody.

The reports tell the story as follows:

On Monday night, a man by the name of Jose Caballero scheduled a meeting with a potential buyer. The potential buyer was said to look at and possibly buy a set of Honda car doors. The meet up was to happen at approximately 11:00 p.m. Initially, the scheduled meet up was arranged through the website known as OfferUp.

According to the messages shared on the website, the person to meet up with Caballero was to be a woman. A woman did not show up at the meeting, however. Instead, Caballero was met by approximately 10 men, separated into several different cars. The men proceeded to exit the cars that they came in and immediately began shooting at Caballero. Reports have stated that there were 11 shots aimed at the victim, 3 of which actually hit Caballero. He was able to make his way into the McDonald’s to ask for help after the incident.

During the wait for the ambulance, a Good Samaritan offered to help Caballero with First Aid. The individual who provided the care knew what he was doing, according to the Police Chief, specifically because he applied pressure and put clothing on the wounds that needed care.

Law enforcement officials later identified the man at fault as Henry Infante, to which they then arrested on Tuesday evening. Infante is now facing many charges, including but not limited to assault to murder using a firearm, illegal possession of a gun and ammunition, and using a gun within 500 feet of a home.

Yolanda Hernandez of Lawrence, age 41, was also arrested for being associated with the shooting.

After all injuries were assessed, medical personnel came forward to state that Caballero is expected to survive.