Boston, MA - President Donald Trump took to Twitter this week to dispute the death toll in Puerto Rico. The President claimed that not as many Puerto Ricans died as a result of Hurricane Maria last year as the reports stated, suggesting instead that the number, which was about three thousand fatalities, was made up by the Democratic Party to make Trump look bad.

This was a statement that was met with negativity by many, but also by the first year manager of the Boston Red Sox, Alex Cora. Born in Puerto Rico, Cora has been a strong advocate for helping the citizens recover from the devastation from Maria and the ensuing, neglectful response from the federal government. He was even part of a group of people affiliated with the Red Sox (like Chris Sale, Christian Vazquez, and Rick Porcello) who traveled to Puerto Rico in January to help bring supplies and recovery equipment to Puerto Ricans.

When asked about the claims from Trump, Cora was quick to mention that although he does not wish to discuss politics, this topic was bigger than that because his island was suffering, recovering, and still in need of help. He said he found Trump's statements "disrespectful" to those who lost their lives.

Aside from this havoc and the obvious devastation in Puerto Rico, Cora has been having an excellent season as manager of the Red Sox. Not only was Cora the first Puerto Rican manager to be hired by Boston to be a manager, Cora was the first minority manager for the team in general.

The results have been astronomically better than expected. Recently, the team eclipsed the one hundred win mark and there's still over half a month of baseball still left to play. That milestone has only been achieved three times in franchise history and this is the first since 1946. They currently sit at 101-46 with a ten and a half game lead over the New York Yankees. They'll even have a chance to clinch the decision against their dreaded rivals!

With this level of success, it's safe to say that Boston is more interested in hearing the opinions of Cora than of Trump.