Boston, MA - When I was growing up, I loved watching the NESN broadcasts of Boston Red Sox games because I was (and still am) infatuated with the beloved baseball team. But I also took notice of whenever the broadcast would come back from commercial and the camera would pan over the crowd at Fenway Park and show some of the best signs brought by fans. Whenever I would attend a game, I would try to make a sign that NESN would put on television.

Ultimately, it never panned out and now when I go to Red Sox games, I don't bring any signs and I just enjoy the game, but it is always cool to see that younger fans still participate in the tradition.

One sign got a lot more attention than just a NESN camera during batting practice before yesterday's Red Sox game against the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium, though. A young Red Sox fan in Kansas City was celebrating his birthday yesterday and he decided to take in his favorite team's batting practice at The K to enjoy himself. He also brought a sign with him that proclaimed to the team that it was his birthday and that he wanted to meet Mookie Betts, the reigning American League MVP, to mark the occasion.

Well, Red Sox manager Alex Cora took notice of the sign and he decided to grant the fan's wish and make his birthday dream come true. But he did a lot more than just introduce the fan to Betts. He introduced him to the entire team!

Thanks to a tweet from Josh Lewin that eventually made the rounds on social media, including the official MLB Twitter account, the world got to witness the kindness from Cora. Not only did the fan get to meet Betts and the other members of the team, as well as Cora, but he also got to hang out on the field during batting practice for a full, one-of-a-kind baseball experience. Talk about making a fan for life! That's what it's all about and it shows why Cora is one of the best.

Image via Flickr / Keith Allison