Woburn, MA - In the wake of the devastating fires in Andover, Lawrence, and North Andover, local officials announced that hundreds meters of gas lines are being shut off in Woburn today. This is to address what was called over-pressurization of the local distribution system of natural gas. Police reports state that National Grid has warned all citizens of the circumstances, but that no evacuations have yet to take place. No one is any real danger.

National Grid provided a written statement for all citizens of Woburn and surrounding towns to see; the statement was very straightforward with what had happened. This morning, around approximately 11:30 a.m., in the areas of Wyman and Hart streets, a National Grid technician was performing routine maintenance checks on some of the local meters. While doing this, the technician inadvertently over-pressurized some of the meters by letting out excess gas into the systems. Though the error was quickly noticed, reported, and dealt with, the report still had to be conducted.

After minutes of the inadvertent release of gas, the crew was able to reduce the pressure to the normal operating standard. The situation is controlled, and all surrounding areas are safe. Several crews were rushing to the area to help the situation as soon as possible.
National Grid added additional information to the statement for the public to be aware of. The system that was affected feeds approximately 300 homes. Luckily, the system was not damaged during the incident. Thankfully, all systems have pressure-control devices that help when circumstances such as this arise; these devices are programmed to help control the amount of gas leaked out.

For now, the delivery of gas to these 300 homes has been shut down. All areas of the system will be checked thoroughly before being turned back on for the safety of all who live in the area.

As we all know, there were several fires last month due to a spike in gas pressures of certain symptoms. Many businesses and homes were damaged, and many people were injured. National Grid wants to be sure that will not happen again. They plan to have future instances controlled better than this one.