Boston, MA - They say that nothing is certain life, but death, taxes, and glory for the Patriots in the postseason. However, just in case that point was not made clear enough, someone came forward to edit the AFC championship Wikipedia page to make it very well known. Specifically, the individual updated the page emphasize how often the New England Patriots ‘tear through’ their playoffs every year.

Before this change in the Wikipedia page, the description of the AFC championship game was described as a game played by the two final playoff seeds. Once those rounds come to a close, the winner from each side of the football spectrum face each other for the win; every year, that means the AFC champion faces the NFC champion in the Super Bowl.

After the change, when one user decided to change the definition Friday night, the definition stated that the AFC Championship Game was really the annual championship game of the AFC where one lucky team will get to face the New England Patriots at a shot to play in the Super Bowl. The user who made the edits to the definition was known as Andrewr1008.

Andrewr1008 has made similar changes in the past to other Wikipedia pages representing New England sports teams. In this instance, he has a good point and reasoning for changing the definition of the AFC Championship Game.

Since the year 2001, the New England Patriots have made it to the AFC championship game a total of 13 times. In all of those 13 times, the Patriots have won 8 times. Even still, this past Sunday, January 20, 2019, marked the Patriots’ 8th year in a row to play in the AFC championship game.

After looking back at the edits that Andrewr1008 made to the Wikipedia page, many followers established that the man was either being funny or trying to point out the truth. The Patriots have indeed dominated over the past few years. Even still, the Patriots’ Twitter account seemed to have fun with the outcome of the Wikipedia page.