Foxborough, Massachusetts - Every year, a movie is named Best Picture. Summer is incredibly hot. And the New England Patriots make the AFC Championship Game. At this point, it's just tradition as the Patriots are now playing in their ninth consecutive AFC Championship Game, which is a true showing of dominance any way you look at it. In fact, the Patriots just set the record for the most wins by an NFL team in any decade. Ignoring the fact that there is still another year for the Patriots to add onto the record, there is also the fact that the team that Patriots surpassed to set this record from 2010 to the present day was, well, the Patriots from 2000 to 2009. That's two decades in a row of absolute domination. If that's not a dynasty, then I don't know what is.

This is New England's thirteenth appearance in the game since Tom Brady took over as quarterback of the team and they will be looking to make it their ninth victory in that same window of time. But as impressive as it is that the Patriots find themselves in the final four year after year when there are teams who would be more than happy to have a .500 record, it's all just history. What matters now is how the Patriots play on Sunday.

And they're going to have one of the toughest matchups they've ever had in this conference title game when they take on the Kansas City Chiefs who, along with the New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams (those two teams have their own game this weekend in the NFC Championship Game), have dominated the NFL this year. From young upstart quarterback Patrick Mahomes coming into the game as the favorite to win MVP to the oodles of talent around him in players like Damien Williams and Travis Kelce, the Chiefs are formidable opponents for New England.

Much of the concern comes from the fact that Kansas City also has home field advantage on top of all that, but I think the game will come down to coaching. It's hard to pick Brady over Mahomes or vice versa because their skillsets are so different. But in my experience, Bill Belichick almost always outcoaches Andy Reid and it is reassuring to see Reid on the other sideline. But it's football and anything can happen and the Chiefs are rightfully favored. They'll want vengeance after New England defeated them 43-40 in one of the games of the year this season. It's a game that could go either way, but I can't abandon New England now. I'm predicting a Patriots win!