ADAMS - A man from Adams, Massachusetts has died following injuries sustained from a crossbow. Police are now investigating the death of 27-year-old Joshua Jadusingh, who was shot by his neighbor on Wednesday.

According to CNN, Jadusingh’s neighbor was attempting to help the man who was being attacked by two pit bulls inside of his apartment.

Adams Police were called to the scene around noon after several 911 calls were made for a “reported mauling in progress.”

The neighbor, who has not been identified, allegedly shot the crossbow in an attempt to stop one of the pit bulls but in the process also struck Jadusingh.

The neighbor "could hear somebody screaming for help, saying, 'please shoot the dogs," Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington shared in regards to the unfortunate incident during a news conference that was held on Thursday.

When police arrived they were confronted by both pit bulls who attempted to attack them. Officers were forced "to neutralize” them. Both pit bulls, confirmed to be owned by Jadusingh, were killed in the incident. 

Per ABC News, both dogs had a "history of being aggressive" and "engaging in a volatile confrontation," according to prosecutors.

Following the altercation with the animals, police discovered the young daughter of the victim in a nearby room unharmed in the attack.

Currently, the matter is being investigated as an unfortunate accident, DA Andrea Harrington has shared.

Adding, "And at this point I don't anticipate that this office would be filing any criminal charges against the neighbor, who, by all accounts, appears to be a good Samaritan and is very distraught over this circumstance," Harrington said.

The neighbor is reported to have a license for the crossbow which he uses to hunt.

Image via Wikimedia Commons