Boston, MA - When Aceituna Grill opened its first location in Kendall Square fifteen years ago, there were only a handful of quick service Mediterranean restaurants in the area. More often than not, your choices were endearingly greasy hole in the wall diners—many of which were located in the Metrowest—or high end fusion cuisine known for small plates and larger checks (these were in the Paleolithic times known as the pre-food truck dynasty, for those of you keeping track.) So it may have looked like owner Gina Kurban may have been hedging her bets by offering fast-service Mediterranean food that was also healthy, fresh, tasty, and more importantly, did not resemble something that had been sitting pre-prepared in the back of a fridge for two weeks.

Her plan must have worked. A little over a year after her second location became a heavy hitter among the lunchtime crowd in the Seaport, she’s announced Aceituna’s third location in the Financial District; and part of a growing crop of fast-casual Mediterranean choices appearing these days in the greater Boston area.

“We have many catering clients in the Financial District, and even people who walk over to Seaport to eat at Aceituna, so we know there is high demand there. We listen to our clients,” a representative for the restaurant told the popular blog Eater.

Aceituna’s main focus has always been on providing fresh food made from scratch—and for a counter service restaurant, that’s no small feat. They’ve become just as notorious for their shwarma (which we can most certainly vouch for) but also their sides, including moussaka, tabbouleh and fried cauliflower.

While the exact day of opening for its new locations has yet to be announced, it will sit at 100 Federal St, which is slated to be part of the planned High Street Place Food Hall connecting it to 160 Federal St scheduled to open in spring.

Aceituna Grill is located at 605 W Kendall St in Cambridge and 57 Boston Wharf Rd in Boston. Opening date for the Federal St location is unannounced as of yet. For more information, visit