Boston, MA - A man accused of stealing a cab in Boston earlier this morning crashed the vehicle, then jumped into the Fort Point Channel soon after, according to officials.

Officers were conducting traffic around 2:45 a.m. when a frantic witness at the scene came running over to them. The woman stated that she had just seen a person jump off the Fort Point Bridge. As soon as the officers knew this information, they gathered a team of additional officers, EMTs, firefighters, and the Boston Police Harbor Patrol Unit members. They searched the area for a few minutes and found 29-year-old William Thoresen of Shirley. Thoresen was immediately pulled out of the water and transported to a local hospital.

Prior to jumping off the bridge, Thoresen had forced a cab driver out of his vehicle and drove off with it. He then put the cab in reverse, while the cab door was still open, to strike the victim. As he put the car in drive to go forward, he hit another cab that was stopped in front of him.

After Thoresen had hit the man and the cab, he drove off and headed to Fort Point Bridge. Thoresen then exited the vehicle and jumped off the eastern side railing of the bridge.

According to reports, the victim declined medical attention at the scene.

Before this incident, Thoresen had been seen getting into other trouble. A preliminary investigation stated that he had just recently broken into a building located on South St. to spray a fire extinguisher and then flee the scene. He was on foot before he found and stole the cab driver’s vehicle.

Thoresen is still hospitalized. He is expected to be in Boston Municipal Court to face his multiple charges soon. Some of his charges include carjacking, breaking and entering, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (cab), destruction of property, and leaving the scene of an accident where personal injury was caused.

The court date is yet to be set due to Thoresen being hospitalized.