Foxborough, MA– The final episode of the cultural phenomenon, Game of Thrones, aired just last night and while those who have loved the show are still reeling from the fact that it is now over, there are many questions that must be answered. Spoilers are ahead, of course!

Many of the questions posed throughout the show were answered in the series finale, which brought decades of storytelling to a close. But the questions that we need answered come through a bit of a meta lens. And they have to do with a very specific cameo that came in the series’ penultimate episode, “The Bells.”

Thrones is no stranger to celebrity cameos. Singer Ed Sheeran popped up during the events of season seven. Rob McElhenney, of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame, made an appearance during the final season. And last week, a famous NFL quarterback showed up in King’s Landing.

When Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon light King’s Landing on fire, Green Bay Packers passer Aaron Rodgers can be seen as a soldier who does not make it out of the city alive. An eagle-eyed Twitter user spotted Rodgers throughout the chaos.

With Rodgers getting burned to a crisp in Westeros, the meta question that must be answered is: would the players on a certain other team fare better under Dany’s wrath?

Rodgers only has one Super Bowl championship under his belt and many of the Patriots, of course, have experienced multiple. Does this make a difference? Probably not.

Let’s evaluate some of the players. First off, Tom Brady. Yes, he is the greatest football player who has ever played the game, but that is not going to do a lot of good when you’re running for your life. He has great accuracy, but Brady is extremely slow and he’s getting up there in age. The verdict is in and Brady would not survive.

How about Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman? The verdict is yes. As a slot receiver with speed and muscle and experience as a quarterback, Edelman is the best of both worlds. Plus, he is on the shorter side in terms of height and he could fit into some hiding spots away from Drogon.

Lastly, how would Bill Belichick fare if he was doomed to dance with dragons in King’s Landing? That’s a trick question because Belichick is such a master strategist that he would never allow things to get to that point. Belichick’s verdict? He ends up on the throne of course, the winner of the game.

Here's Rodger's Instagram post confirming his cameo appearance: