BOSTON - While Boston likes to consider itself a city that welcomes immigrants, some newcomers have been testing this welcome for years. We're talking, of course, about wild turkeys, who have made a return to New England after being hunted to extinction in what is, unbelievably, a conservation success story. They do eat ticks, which, as Lyme Disease is on the rise in New England, does make their presence slightly more welcome.

Turkeys have been coexisting (and often terrorizing) suburbs of Boston for the last five to ten years, with suburbs like Brookline close to waging all-out war against their plucky new neighbors. But recently emboldened by their success - or perhaps just tired of their commute to work in the morning - some turkeys have moved into Boston proper.

A turkey walking her babies through the South End from boston

How residents of the South End feel about their new neighbors - and if those feelings will change by, say, November, remains to be determined.