SALISBURY - In the inner circles of Boston celebrities, there are still wealthy people who are recognizable in the city, even if they do not star in Marvel movies or have not played for a local sports team. This was certainly evident recently when a splash of generosity from Ernie Boch, Jr. not only changed the life of one Salisbury restaurant server but also changed my perspective on how much money Boch must have to his name.

While dining at the Seaglass Restaurant in Salisbury, Massachusetts this weekend, Ernie Boch, Jr., a local (and apparently extremely wealthy) automobile industry leader ended up leaving a $5,000.00 tip for his server, Jennifer Navaria, according to Business Insider.

Understandably, Navaria was in shock, but she did end up saying that she recognized Boch because of his voice. Granted, he does have a distinctive appearance, but even then, I'm not sure I'd notice him. I do recognize the name, though, but I always chalked him up to being a local car salesman. Clearly, he is much more than that and Navaria's ability to recognize him might have played a role in garnering that massive tip from him.

Five thousand dollars can definitely make a difference in someone's life and even though it might seem self-congratulatory, would we rather Boch did not help someone out in that way? After all, Navaria is an exceptional server by all accounts. Everyone in the service industry deserves a tip like that!

That was not all that was evident on the receipt, however. Ernie Boch, Jr. also wrote on it, "Donnie, your move!" Apparently, the tipping is part of a larger 2020 Tip Challenge that began when Donnie Wahlberg tipped $2,020 on a meal back in January. Boch decided to take that inspiration and pay it forward and now, he is calling for Wahlberg to up the ante again. Hopefully, the generosity will continue to go around and around, but for now, Boch and Wahlberg have certainly made an impact on the people they have encountered.

It just goes to show you that local celebrities will often have more money than you expect them to. Or, at least, that's one of my major takeaways.

Image via Yelp/Paul M.