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A Staggering Return For The Beacon Hill Pub

A Staggering Return For The Beacon Hill Pub

Boston, MA - The rumors of the death of Boston’s dive bars have been thankfully over exaggerated.

When Canal Street’s Sullivan’s Tap and the Theater District’s Tam closed temporarily in December citing uncertainty for the future due to management changes, the handful of fellow sots and misguided barstool vultures (that finger is pointing directly at me) who once called their dimly lit premises their haven shed a silent, if salty tear. We presumed their demise would spell an end to countless $3 drafts, barely forgotten 70s ass rock and the last desperate gasps of a city rapidly transforming into a wasteland of chain hotels and $18 appletinis.

It was a rash presumption. Both establishments re-emerged earlier this month, as hearty and healthy as ever. But there was still one lingering question.

Would the Beacon Hill Pub—the Charles Street anomaly that stuck out like a drunken uncle amid the quaint glare of upscale boutiques, gourmet coffee shops and endlessly rotating bistros—ever return to its cash only glory after its purchase by commercial real estate concern Greater Boston Bar Company in October?

It has. And we’re sorry we ever doubted you.

The bar confirmed on social media that it would be indeed reopen on Friday, January 25th, to the delight of patrons (and the anticipation of harried groans the morning after.)

The Beacon Hill Pub first opened on Charles Street at some point in the 1980s (no one knows for certain) and grew into a literal beacon of resistance against a constantly redeveloping Boston. As noticeable for its blacked out windows on a street where everyone makes it their business to peer in as it was for $3 shots, its notoriety was as much a cause for devotion from customers as it was a symbol of pride. Bad reviews were regularly posted above the mirror behind the rarely washed bar counter, including the classic bon mot: “Like stepping into the cantina from Star Wars if it was set in Hell.”

But when the Greater Boston Bar Company—which also purchased the aforementioned Tam and Sullivan’s Tap in 2018—purchased the bar in October only to close it immediately it for renovations, the only explanation the firm gave was that the Beacon Hill Pub would be “reopening soon under new management with no changes to this Boston institution that patrons have enjoyed for so many years. We are delighted that the character and charm of this wonderful pub will remain the same and we look forward to serving the BHP’s loyal customer-base and creating many more memories.”

Typically, that’s at best a half truth. But Greater Boston Bar Company, we apologize for not believing you. Please don’t take the voodoo doll with your name on it seriously.

The Beacon Hill Pub is located at 149 Charles St in Boston