Salem, MA– The worst intersection in the state may be getting some competition for the title. The incumbent intersection is located at the juncture of Harding Street and Green Street in Worcester, Massachusetts. Known as Kelley Square, the area is notoriously impossible to navigate for even the most expert of drivers. It has inspired the old Worcester adage for new drivers: “If you can make it in Kelley Square, you can make it anywhere.”

For years, Kelley Square has topped many lists of the most dangerous intersections in the state and in the country, but with the recent announcement that it would be getting an overhaul to accommodate the new Polar Park for the Triple A baseball team in the Boston Red Sox system, a new hub of danger will have to rise up and claim the title for itself.

So far, no intersection has made a legitimate claim, but there is one brewing in Salem that many residents have been quick to deem "insane", reports CBS Boston. At the intersection of Chestnut Street, Norman Street, and Summer Street, four different convergences have long been derided by Salem residents as being incredibly unsafe and impossible to navigate. In response, Salem has decided to attempt to solve the problem overnight by instituting a new roundabout. Sometimes, the best way to achieve improved traffic flow is to just force drivers to get used to it immediately, but this strategy seems to have backfired.

The new rotary just tossed a ton of new paint and road signs into the cacophonous mess, and many drivers are absolutely flummoxed about the ways in which they should navigate it. One Salem resident argued that the city made the already complicated intersection even worse, if such an action was possible, and another driver deemed it utterly insane.

Salem did not invest too much money into this project (just $25,000 taxpayer dollars), so they have said that if it does not go well after two months, then they are going to look for a different solution. But based on the initial reaction to this disaster of a :solution," they might feel the pressure to start working on a new plan faster than they might have expected.