BOSTON - At the beginning of 2019, I didn’t see any concerts that particularly interested me in Boston or would be affordable to attend. It seemed like live music would not be a feature of my 2019 experience. Of course, everything got flipped upside down when one of the biggest moments in music transpired back in the spring.


Out of nowhere, the Jonas Brothers, consisting of Nick, Kevin, and Joe, announced that they had reunited after six years apart. That night, they released “Sucker,” one of the year’s biggest hits. “Sucker” then parlayed into “Cool,” another hit single. The two songs were part of the album, Happiness Begins, which led into the documentary, Chasing Happiness. With a Christmas song, “Like It’s Christmas” coming out earlier in November, there was no denying that 2019 was the year of the Jonas Brothers. And deliriously, I was able to go to their concert at the TD Garden on Sunday night!


The concert featured special guest Bebe Rexha and began at 7:30 at the Garden, though the Jo Bros didn’t come out until 9:30. But it was absolutely amazing.


Having grown up with the Jonas Brothers, a big aspect of the concert was nostalgia. Hearing songs like “Burnin’ Up,” “Year 3000,” and “Lovebug” were a testament to the enduring charm of the Jonas Brothers. They can perform songs that were popular when they were teenagers and they still came across as absolute bangers. They also blended perfectly with songs from their new album, of which “Rollercoaster” is my particular favorite.


Additionally, they recorded a live performance for the American Music Awards while we were in attendance. With “Only Human,” it was perfect to dance and sing along to.


Ultimately, much of the show gave me a ton of goosebumps, as it was equal parts sweet and momentous. The three of them have incredible chemistry together and I was also impressed by the confidence of their wardrobes on stage. They’re not slated to come back to Boston on this tour, but if you ever have the chance to see them, I’d recommend it. They are very high energy and know how to have fun. The songs are also great to sing along to. Is there a more fun way to spend a night in the city? Not when Kevin, Nick, and Joe are in town.

Image Via Flickr/Sergio Leenen