BOSTON - When Massachusetts first voted to legalize recreational marijuana, no one knew where the newly legal marijuana shops would open their doors. Many thought Boston would be the most obvious candidate, but the city has lagged behind the rest of the state. As of the beginning of this month, dozens of dispensaries had opened around the state, with not one inside Boston's city limits. The industry is expected to continue growing, and Boston is now one step closer to opening a dispensery of their own.

Yesterday, a pot shop known as Pure Oasis that aims to open in Dorchester was approved for a preliminary license. Pure Oasis is unique in that it is the first in the state to be granted consideration under an "economic empowerment" model, which would legalize and profit communities who historically beenunfairly impacted by the criminalization of marijuana, namely, poorer communities largely made up of people of color.

As for Boston, the city is expecting a major upturn in the economic aspect of the cannabis industry as a result of Pure Oasis taking the next step towards officially opening. Bostonians have been relegated to surrounding cities, like Brookline, Lowell, or Salem, for the nearest recreational marijuana store. To actually have one open in Dorchester would be a seminal moment for the city’s emphasis on business growth in the industry. It definitely has the potential to have the most customers daily of all the pot shops in Massachusetts when it opens in the projected time frame of two to four months from now.