BOSTON – Pokemon is one of the most lucrative brands in all of media entertainment. Its total worldwide income since it was created in 1996 has approached over 100 billion dollars and it currently sits at 93 billion dollars. Initially, the main focus of Pokemon was on trading cards, video games, and television shows, but recently the focus on Pokemon has been to expand into various forms of media.

As such, it has exploded as a franchise. From the massively successful mobile game, Pokemon GO, to the May 2019 movie release, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, the Pokemon franchise is arguably bigger than its ever been.

Now, at least in Boston, it is going to be getting a little bit bigger, as an experience that is exclusively Pokemon will be arriving next spring.

In May 2020, for two days only, May 23-24, a Pokemon-themed burger bar, aptly known as the PokeBar, will pop up in the city to serve Bostonians burgers and cocktails that are themed to the Pokemon franchise, Eater reports. There will also be Pokemon games for patrons at PokeBar.

The cost of the PokeBar has not yet been announced and neither has the location. But Boston is no stranger to pop-up eateries and entertainment facilities, so the PokeBar will fit right into the city. As for the price of admission, other PokeBar locations have posted a ticket price of $55, so that serves as the best guess for curious Boston customers.

You will be able to duel other customers with your Pokemon cards at PokeBar, in addition to the other aforementioned games. Additionally, a DJ will be on hand at PokeBar, as well as people to run games of trivia and Pokemon-themed costume contests.

If you are a Pokemon fan, this seems like a must do for you next year when PokeBar arrives in Boston in May! These pop-ups are slated to appear around the world soon, thanks to Viral Ventures, an Australian company that specializes in unconventional events.