FOXBOROUGH - This year, the New England Patriots were eliminated from the post-season by the Tennessee Titans, meaning there is not going to be an opportunity to watch our beloved football team play deep into the winter and eventually arrive at the February date of the Super Bowl. But the next time that they find themselves involved in the Big Game, Patriots fans will finally be allowed to celebrate and view the event as we have always been destined to do. By sipping wine.

I mean, think about it. The Patriots have experienced more success than perhaps any other sports team in the new millennium. As a result, we, as a fan base, have only grown classier and more sophisticated. With the lavish amounts of winning, we continue to grow and mature. Now, the Patriots are like a stellar croquet player. We sit in the bleachers of a beautiful rose garden and clap daintily when an athletic achievement is attained.

And what better way to view our new classy champions than with a glass of wine? Gillette Stadium, the home field of the Patriots, contains people who understand this as a new winery opened today just a short distance from the football field. The one thing Patriot Place was missing, after all, was a winery. Massachusetts does not have too many of them, but the ones that do exist are always embraced by the residents of the state, especially in this case. The Suisun Valley in Napa has provided the grapes and Walpole has provided the wine fermentation abilities to result in Debevino Winery in Walpole, Massachusetts, a mile from Foxborough.

The winery has four owners: Dom Arpino, Paul Bevilacqua, Al DeNapoli, and John Rich. And they recognize the Foxborough for what it is: a hub of culture in the state. The winery will not only make wine available via the standard bottles and a tasting room, but there will also be events held within. The winery has also made plans to host tailgating parties in accordance with Patriots home games.

Nothing goes better than a winning football team and a smooth glass of cabernet sauvignon. I think Debevino Winery, which, again, opens today in Walpole, is perfect for the area.

Image via Wikimedia Commons