Boston, MA - Earlier yesterday morning, a discovery from a Rutgers University geophysicist claimed that a new super volcano may be emerging underground in certain areas of New England - Massachusetts included.

Professor Levin, a geophysicist from Rutgers University, stated that there’s something rising from deep underneath New England grounds. Levin added that it’s something like that of a hot-air balloon underground. All of this, he claims, was found through a recent conducted study, which primarily focuses on how the continents we live on behave.

Though there may be some questions arising from this newfound information, many geologists have confirmed that there are no active volcanoes in the area, and that the region is stable. In knowing that the region is stable, geologists have also confirmed that a supervolcano arising should not happen within the upcoming years.

As a matter of fact, after Levin claimed that one was starting to create itself underground, he quickly commented that it would take millions of years for it to surface. The professor did not bring this to New Englander’s attention to scare them, but simply to make them aware of what is happening right beneath their feet.

Levin claims that the next step in this study is to figure out why the Earth is behaving in such ways in this particular region. He, and other geologists alike, would like to get to the bottom of why this is happening, and how it started in the first place.

According to results found in the study, this ‘molten blob’ has been classified as being stationed primarily under Vermont, with parts of western Massachusetts and western New Hampshire having portions of it underneath.

Not to worry, though, as Professor Levin assures the public that the emerging supervolcano is nothing like that of Yellowstone. It may, however, be a distant relative of the volcanic hot spot.

So, the answer is no to your hypothetical question. You will not be in any immediate danger as of yet, or as of the next few million years. Let’s put our faith in what Professor Levin has assured us, and let’s dismiss this supervolcano impending threat.