BOSTON - Back in July, it was reported that Downtown Crossing would receive a restaurant named French Quarter, which was modeled after New Orleans-style eateries with cuisine fused from the cultures of the French and the southern United States. Now, we have more details about this restaurant from its manager himself, including when it should be expected to open, as shared by

According to current projections, French Quarter is eyeing a bow in early 2020. But if the current pace is maintained, then the restaurant will open ahead of schedule as early as the end of December.

Currently being worked on in Downtown Crossing, the spot for French Quarter is considered one of the top areas to be located in for the entire district. Situated on Washington Street (not Bourbon Street), French Quarter will occupy the space previously held by Salvatore's, an Italian restaurant.

Salvatore's was great and Italian food is always delicious, but the addition of French Quarter will not only jazz up the cuisine offerings in the area, it will also bring a zestier atmosphere to Downtown Crossing.

Also on Washington Street is Back Deck, a restaurant that specializes in food from the grill. Back Deck is operated by Paul Sussman, a veteran restaurateur in the Boston area, and he is also the manager of French Quarter. Sussman felt that New Orleans-style cooking is underrepresented in Boston and in New England, as a whole. He's not wrong.

Partnering with Sussman on the new restaurant is Brad Fredericks, who runs Fajitas and ‘Ritas in Downtown Crossing, as well. The cuisine is about what you would expect from the two partners who are going all in New Orleans. Their menu will include po' boy sandwiches, jambalaya, and gumbo, which are not being labeled as "authentic" New Orleans dishes. But they will do their best to bring that culture to Boston.

Currently, December is the hope for French Quarter, but whenever it opens, Sussman and Fredericks are expecting it to be open to the public daily.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons