BOSTON - I am numb. For a while this weekend, it seemed like the baseball gods were giving the Boston Red Sox a second chance at trading away Mookie Betts. The original trade, which was agreed to last week, ended up coming under some scrutiny when doctors evaluated Brusdar Graterol, a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins, and determined him to be more injured than initially thought. This pumped the breaks on the deal and it seemed like Mookie might actually end up staying in Boston.

Alas, it was not meant to be. A new series of deals are in place and this time, it is official, as shared by CBS Sports. The Los Angeles Dodgers will be receiving Mookie Betts and David Price, two of our best players. In exchange, Boston will instead receive (still) Alex Verdugo and (newly) Jeter Downs, a shortstop, and Connor Wong, a catcher. The Dodgers and Twins worked out a separate deal with Graterol.

I was wary of Graterol's injury history, of course, but I was mostly dismayed at how little Boston had managed to obtain for the second-best player in all of baseball. It's unfathomable that they would want to trade one of their best players of all-time to begin with. But if they have to do it, they needed to at least get a good return for it. Verdugo, Downs, and Wong are nowhere near on par with what Betts and Price should demand. But it is at least better than Graterol and Verdugo. Still, it's quite dismaying, especially when I got my hopes up that Mookie would be staying.

As a part of the agreement, as well, Price will have his salary split in half. Boston will pay $48 million and Los Angeles will pay the other $48 million.

I know what you're thinking. Maybe this deal will fall apart, too, right? Sadly, that would be almost impossible. Especially since now, our current roster is posting memories and farewells to their teammates, which they hadn't done last week. Mookie Betts is leaving the Red Sox. It is true. No one wants it to be true, but it is. I'll have plenty more to say about this soon, but for now, the trade is official.

Image via Flickr/Arturo Pardavila III