HAVERHILL – Today is officially the first day of October. If it was not socially acceptable to be celebrating Halloween before, it certainly is now. I, for one, have been celebrating the "spooky season" since visiting Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World in August, but I know many are resistant to prepare for the holiday that early.

Regardless, it is October now, which means there are no more excuses. It is time to go all in on the haunted aesthetic. And Massachusetts has plenty of locations that agree!

Spooky-themed Massachusetts venues have already be given national attention thanks to a series of USA Today lists that ranked New England's haunted attraction offerings among the best fall events in the nation. This new attraction, however, which opened over the weekend, seems primed to blow them all out of the water. And it is definitely because this excursion will be a massive one.

For the past month, Haverhill's Chris’s Farm Stand, located at Silsby Farm, has been transforming into Ravenwood Haunted Farm thanks in large part to one of the creators, Benjamin Selecky. According to Selecky, he had wanted to gather a team of people who have previously worked on scary attractions in theme parks and on horror productions in the film industry for some time now.

Ravenwood Haunted Farm has been on his backburner for a while, and Massachusetts is clearly the perfect place to bring it to life. After all, the aesthetic of New England farms perfectly fits in with the season of the spooks. (This farm is 200 years old. It's probably haunted to begin with!)

Included at Ravenwood Haunted Farm is a haunted trail and an immersive corn maze that comes complete with "larger than life" sets and over fifty actors who make you feel like you are a true part of the experience. I'm not sure I could handle the scares like that!

Located north of Boston in Haverhill, Ravenwood Haunted Farm opened on September 27 and it will run through November 2. Seems like a perfect way to celebrate Halloween! (If you dare.)

Photo by David Menidrey on Unsplash