BOSTON - It's been a big year for musicals coming to Boston. Making the biggest splash was the SpongeBob SquarePants musical making landfall in the city earlier this year. As for this particular musical, it is definitely a bit more under-the-radar, but those who have seen it absolutely adore it and, as such, it makes for a great addition to the Boston theater landscape.

A musical parody of The Office opened at the Calderwood Pavilion in the Boston Center for the Arts earlier this week on November 5, per The Daily Free Press. It is expected to run through December 1 at this location with performances happening every day from now until then, save for Mondays and for Thanksgiving.

The Office! A Musical Parody, is not an authorized adaptation of the show, but it is one that has surprisingly delighted the people who have seen it on its tour so far, in Maine and Connecticut. It doesn't seem like a show that is begging for the musical treatment and yet, by all accounts, it seems to work.

The two-hour show has been described as an "inside joke" for the fans and a musical that has been made with lots of love, as shared  by The Boston Globe. The play was created by Tobly and Bob McSmith and stars Emma Brock as Michael Scott, Christian Fary as Dwight Schrute, Patrick Constant as Jim Halpert, and Madeline Glenn Thomas as Pam Beesly.

After departing Boston, the musical touring group will also make stops in cities like Kansas City, Atlanta, Houston, and Anaheim. They're really pulling out all the stops to make these stops. If you have a free chance, it seems like it might be worth checking out! The musical can also be seen off-Broadway in New York.

Personally, even before The Office became Netflix's most-streamed program ever, I have always believed it to be my favorite show. It struck the perfect balance of heart and humor with some really incisive writing and I have rewatched it more than any other show. It broke my heart when the series finale aired six and a half years ago, but it always warms it right back up again when I see people keeping The Office alive through their spirit and fandom, as well as through creative means. Best of luck to everyone involved in the show!

Image Via Wikimedia Commons