NORWAY, Maine – When you think about all the best ways to live in luxury in New England, the one thing that probably does not come to mind is a treehouse. You may think of some of the gaudier houses that are located in Beacon Hill or in some surrounding Boston suburbs. Perhaps you think of any of the Connecticut manors that would resemble the homes of Emily and Richard Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. Or you might think of some of the lavish, extravagant villas that dot the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. No matter what you think of, a backyard classic that is often cobbled together by amateur children is not going to immediately spring to mind.

And yet, this trend is about to be bucked by one couple in Norway, Maine who were so enamored with Pete Nelson's reality series Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet (what this has to do with animals is beyond me) that they decided to take the matters into their own hands.

Samantha and Rob Masabny recently came into ownership of a large plot of land in Norway, Maine and, because they had the money to do so, they decided to reach out to Nelson's team to see if they would be willing to build a massive, luxurious treehouse known as The Woods. Quickly agreeing, the project became a reality and it is not only for the Masabnys to enjoy. At the beginning of September, they opened the property up for bookings.

Obviously, it is a bit more lavish than your average backyard treehouse, but they still made sure to incorporate plenty of natural elements so it is not just an expensive cabin. It really does have the treehouse feel as the trees are part of the show. It is a two-story wooden endeavor, complete with such fun amenities as an eating nook and a fireplace (which is completely safe).

It may sound unconventional, but if you ever feel like making a trip up to Norway, Maine, this treehouse may be the place to stay at.

Image Courtesy of The Woods, Maine