Boston, MA - Surprisingly, Massachusetts has tons of people who speak languages other than English. In fact, there is an approximate 23% of the population in Massachusetts that don’t speak English as their primary language. The state is technically filled with diverse immigrant communities. Isn’t that neat?

If you’re interested, I’m going to provide a list below, according to the United States Census Bureau’s community study of which areas do speak languages other than English.

Check out the countdown below!

  1. Somerville 

Somerville’s percentage is 30.2%.

  1. Cambridge
    Cambridge’s percentage is 31.7%. Cambridge is the fifth largest city in the state of Massachusetts, and that’s a pretty big number for the fifth largest state, if you ask me.

  2. Southbridge
    Southbridge’s percentage is 32.4%. Southbridge is a small town found in the Worcester County.

  3. Marlborough
    Marlborough’s percentage is 33.9%. Marlborough is a small city in the Middlesex County.

  4. Worcester
    Worcester’s percentage is 34.7%. Worcester is the 2nd largest city in all of New England.

  5. New Bedford
    New Bedford’s percentage is 37.1%. New Bedford is the 6th largest city in all of Massachusetts.

  6. Boston
    Boston’s percentage is 37.1%. Boston has a total of 673,184 residents living in the city.

  7. Randolph
    Randolph’s percentage is 38.1%.

  8. Brockton
    Brockton’s percentage is 40.2%. Brockton has a population of 95,314 residents.

  9. Lowell
    Lowell’s percentage is 43.5%. Lowell is another city found in the Middlesex County.

  10. Holyoke
    Holyoke’s percentage is 46.4%.

  11. Malden
    Malden’s percentage is 50%. Malden is another city found in the Middlesex County.

  12. Revere
    Revere’s percentage is 50%. Revere is home to the oldest public beach.

  13. Everett
    Everett’s percentage is 56.3%. Everett has 46,340 residents living there, with
    approximately 33% of the people being born outside of the United States.

  14. Chelsea
    Chelsea’s percentage is 69%. Chelsea has a population of 36,828 residents.

  15. Lawrence
    Lawrence’s percentage is 76.4%. Surprisingly, though some call Lawrence the ‘immigrant city,’ the number greatly shocks some people. It is known as this due to the fact that it is home to many refugees from Southeast Asia and many immigrants from Central America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

The only thing that would make all of this more interesting would be if we knew what languages were actually spoken!