BOSTON - The New England Patriots were eliminated from the NFL post-season by the Tennessee Titans in the first round. I am sure that, as a result of this, many sports fans breathed sighs of relief at the idea that they could finally enjoy Super Bowl weekend without the burden of those "pesky" Patriots fans acting arrogantly and confidently as they marched towards another Super Bowl victory. Not quite! Even without the Patriots, the good people of Boston have still found a way to secure themselves some attention during Super Bowl LIV. And it's by way of a Super Bowl advertisement.

The Super Bowl is known for its high-quality commercial spots and this year, Hyundai is joining in on the fun. This year's Hyundai ad for the Super Bowl will be themed to Boston and it is slated to be a star-studded collection of some of the best stars from Boston, per AdAge.

The February 2 matchup between the AFC and NFC champions will air the "Extremely Boston" ad spot from Hyundai during the first quarter and, according to a slew of teases from the car manufacturer, will star big Boston names. In a press statement, Hyundai announced that the minute-long commercial will feature Chris Evans (Avengers: EndgameKnives Out), John Krasinski (The OfficeA Quiet Place), David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox), and Rachel Dratch (Saturday Night LiveWine Country).

Ortiz, obviously, is an all-time Red Sox legend. Krasinski and Evans are both big-name Boston celebrities who have joined Matt Damon and Ben Affleck echelon by now. And Dratch, a native of Lexington, once starred in the obnoxious Boston accent sketches with Jimmy Fallon on SNL.

In a tease for the ad, which is sure to be delightful for us Massachusetts folk, Ortiz is seen receiving dialect training from Dratch on how to adopt the Boston accent.

It's going to be a must-see ad! Ortiz is preparing to visit Winter Weekend for the Red Sox during the off-season. Dratch is currently appearing as Senator Amy Klobuchar in SNL's Democratic debate sketches. Krasinski is gearing up for the upcoming release of A Quiet Place: Part II. Evans is currently in production on an Apple TV+ original series, Defending Jacob, in which he stars and produces.

Image via Wikimedia Commons