FOXBOROUGH – With the month of Halloween fast approaching, many in Massachusetts have already given themselves over to the frightful elements of the season. But if anyone is looking to take it to the next level, there is a way to keep a certain level of festivity going for the rest of the year.

In a recent interview by, a real estate listing agent by the name of Gil Campos has made it known that an iconic Foxborough home, called as the "Gothic gingerbread house," is officially on the market. Blending all the classic 1800s-type horror and Gothic aesthetic of the Halloween season with the architecture of a gingerbread house that more aligns with Christmastime, this is a perfect, year-round home for the Halloween fan in all of us.

Of course, the home is listed steeply and vastly out of most people's price ranges at just under $800,000, but it still makes for a fun listing to poke around on and marvel at the gorgeous architecture.

The home is 3,126 square feet and it rests on almost an acre of land, with four bedrooms and three and a half baths on the interior. But the exterior is the story here as the architecture is directly matching the general depiction of most gingerbread houses. Of course, it has that Victorian and Gothic era style of architecture that allows for it to appear spooky. It also helps to be in Massachusetts during the beginning of fall, for people who want things to be scarier than they are.

There are many great aspects to living in Foxborough, Massachusetts, including the fact that you are always guaranteed to be in close proximity to at least eight New England Patriots games during the year. But if you are going to root on the Pats from their home city, then you have to do it in style. And, to be honest, few things are as stylistic as this home.

And do you know its address? It can be found on Baker Street in Foxborough. 13 Baker Street.

Image via Zillow