SALEM – As the summer winds to an unfortunate conclusion, it is time to lament the loss of days at the beach, refreshing drinks, and an all-around summer atmosphere that can make even the bleakest days have a bit of warmth and hope. But for one couple in Massachusetts, the end of summer is the beginning of something summery, at least in terms of aesthetic.

That's because Scott and Karen Paszkowski officially began Tiki Hut Boats over the weekend. After all, Salem, Massachusetts is a city that is known mostly for its contributions to the season of autumn. There's no reason why it cannot play in the playground of summer, too.

Scott and Karen work in the fishing industry and the medical industry, respectively, but they wanted to institute Tiki Hut Boats as a solid business on the side to help pull in some extra money. However, they also wanted to share the delightful idea of the tiki cruise, which is much more popular in tropical locations than it is in New England, with the good people of the northeast who just need a getaway sometimes.

So they bought a boat at the beginning of summer and took their time renovating it into a floating tiki bar that comes complete with tropical decor, a functioning bar and bathroom, and mechanical macaws that are programmed to spout tiki-related phrases to patrons.

As for the patrons, they only need to pay thirty dollars for a ninety minute cruise that operates all day on the weekends and in the evenings during weekdays. The cold weather will force Tiki Hut Boats to cease operations for the season by October 31, but that's still plenty of time to try it out before next year. After all, snacks are included, too!

Even Salem's mayor, Kim Driscoll, helped spread the word about the endeavor via her Twitter account last week.

Image via Tiki Hut Boats