BOSTON - The New England Aquarium is making waves in headlines recently by adding a brand new tenant to one of the exhibits at the region’s most prominent collection of sea life. This newest addition to the menagerie of critters at the aquarium is, in fact, an extremely rare one, however. That is right: a bright blue lobster has begun shacking up at the aquarium as of the end of last week and it is absolutely gorgeous.

The blue lobster comes to the New England Aquarium courtesy of Patriot Seafoods, a fisherman’s group in Salem, Massachusetts, per NBC Boston. Caught in the wild, the fishermen knew that the blue lobster was rare and could not just be another lobster in their haul for the day of catching critters to be eaten. Instead, it was donated to the aquarium with all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety and health of the blue lobster in place. After thirty days in quarantine for maximum safety concerns to be maintained, the blue lobster will make its way to the New England aquarium floor. It will be a part of the official Isle of Shoals exhibit.

The blue lobster is so rare to be seen in the wild that the odds, per the researchers behind the aquarium, of seeing one are approximately one in two million. That is insanely fortuitous that it worked out so well this time around.

The blue lobster will be joining an exhibit of stunning lobsters that are already gorgeously-colored away from the alternative red look that is most iconic in the world. In the past, these colored lobsters have been donated to the New England Aquarium after seafood fishermen were surprised to have a return on their efforts that were not marked by red lobsters. In the past, orange, calico, and yellow lobsters have made their way to the New England Aquarium. Additionally, a lobster that is half black and half orange has made a splash at the aquarium before, as it was billed as the “Halloween lobster.” If you love all sorts of creatures, even if from the depths of the sea, this would be a wonderful reason to visit the aquarium!

Image Flickr/Andrew Watson