Boston, MA - When A&B Burgers first opened in Salem in 2012, it was at the tail end of the burger craze that glutted both the hearts and heart valves of local diners who had grown blasé towards wan attempts at fusion anything and simply sought something familiar. Something reputable. Something consistent. But it wasn’t just comfort food which drew people to downtown Salem. Or A&B's insistence on using only all-natural products. It was the curiosity factor. After all, there aren’t too many towns in the Northeast where you could stand at the site of a centuries-old mass hysteria that ultimately sent 20 people to their deaths, merely to stroll over to a burger shack located in a former county jail in a matter of minutes.

When A&B moved to an even more off the beaten path neighbor—Beverly—three years later, many were left wondering if it survive without the historic pull of Salem behind it. But it not only survived; it flourished, earning three consecutive “Best of the North Shore” awards in a row from North Shore magazine and earning a legion of devoted followers from across the state. So devoted, they’ve recently opened up their second location on Beverly Street, across from the TD Garden.

“The chance to open our first Boston location in the middle of one of the city’s hottest neighborhoods was too good to pass up,” said owner Tom Holland last year.

Holland’s career in the restaurant industry began well before opening A&B, and included stints at Sonsie, Barrio Cantina and Wellesley’s Tico. Alongside Holland will be executive chefs Michael Dibiccari, who worked with Holland at Tico and Amanda Howell of Alden & Harlow and Russell House Tavern.

But if you’re expecting nothing but ground meat, a variation on ground meat and a side of ground red meat, you may be mistaken. While A&B has become known for using only locally sourced beef from Maine, vegetarian options are on offer, along with some more unconventional fare such as the Faroe Salmon Burger and (dubiously) a Cubano. The menu also includes small dishes like baked Brie, chipotle cauliflower and Korean style wings.

“A&B is far more than our award-winning burger,” stated Holland in a press release. “Our unique menu focuses on small plates and a variety of entrées, paired with carefully crafted cocktails and locally brewed beers. We are passionate about the A&B experience and can’t wait to introduce this destination dining spot to Boston, just steps from the TD Garden, the waterfront and everything else in town.” A&B opened in Boston on February 21st.

A&B Burgers is located at 115 Beverly Street in Boston and is open daily from 11:30 am - 12:00 am. For more information, visit

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