BOSTON - Whenever a new year rolls around (and especially a new decade), it is customary to make New Year's Resolutions for yourself. However, when it comes to evaluating the future of an entire city, resolutions can only do so much. After all, we are but humble outside observers of the goings-on in Boston; there's only so much we can do. So instead of coming up with New Year's resolutions for the city of Boston in 2020, I thought it would be more pertinent to concoct a wishlist.

The first thing I hope we see in Boston during 2020 is a high rate of voter turnout. Obviously, 2020 is a presidential election year and while I would never dream of telling people how to vote, I wouldn't mind telling people to vote in the first place. Make your voice heard! That's what democracy is all about. I hope that, in November 2020, the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts, as a whole, has some of the highest counts of voters anywhere. It is always good to be civically engaged.

In a bit less of a pie-in-the-sky way, I would also like to add a vastly improved MBTA system to the 2020 wishlist. Governor Charlie Baker and Mayor Marty Walsh have spewed forth a ton of platitudes in the past about fixing Boston's public transportation network. But it never seems to actually come to fruition. In 2020, I hope we get closer than we ever have before to ironing out every last kink in the trains, buses, and everything in between. May we never experience another delay.

In terms of Boston's food scene, I was a bit disheartened to see so many restaurants of longevity close their doors for good when the end of 2019 rolled around. In that vein, I want to add to my wishlist that any new restaurant in Boston, provided it is delicious and ethical, has immense success. For all budding chefs and entrepreneurs, I hope the city of Boston becomes a fruitful culinary hub for a long time.

And lastly, there is the topic of sports. It's hard to wish for anything when you're a Boston sports fan. After all, the Bruins, Red Sox, and Patriots all won championships in the previous decade. But that does leave the Celtics as the odd team out. As one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference right now, I don't think anyone would be opposed to a Celtics championship, the first since 2008. But for the wishlist, I'll just add that I hope the Celtics can play in the 2020 NBA Finals!

Happy 2020 everyone!

Image via Wikimedia Commons