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90+ Cellars Launches The East Coast’s First Mobile Wine Truck

90+ Cellars Launches The East Coast’s First Mobile Wine Truck

When the food truck craze first hit Boston in 2011, naysayers assumed it was just a passing fad. Despite long term success in other major cities, many scoffed at the idea it would take root here, but today, the number of licensed food trucks in Boston and surrounding cities is estimated to be well over 200.

But wine trucks? Well, they’re not a common sight. You won’t find them in Napa Valley. Or New York. At least, not yet. In fact, you’ll only find a handful throughout the country. Oregon has one. Indiana has one. Des Moines, Iowa—the very same city that can boast of Tiny Tim, Cloris Leachman and the Wells Fargo History Museum—can lay claim to one.

Now, so can Boston. Locally owned wine brand 90+ Cellars recently announced the launch of their Rosé & Bubbly Wine Truck, which kicked off an inaugural event at the Cambridge Arts River Festival this past Saturday, June 1st.

The catch? As the name suggests, the truck is limited to rosé and sparkling wine options only.

"We're thrilled to introduce our first ever mobile wine experience in honor of our 10th anniversary," said Kevin Mehra, founder and CEO of Latitude Beverage, in a press release.  "Our mission from day one has been to make it easier for people to buy and drink great wine, and the Rosé & Bubbly Truck provides a new and unique way for us to accomplish that."

Latitude Beverage are the distributors of 90+ Cellars, in addition to Lila Wines, Magic Door Vineyards and Mija Sangria.

Boston will not be the only city to witness the “mobile wine experience”, which will be running until October. Other Massachusetts locations will include Worcester, Falmouth, Salem and Plymouth, with several stops along the way in Brooklyn and Denver, CO. Offerings will include their newly launched Boston Rosé, $1 of which each sale will proceed the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“We were thinking–all these breweries have these pop-ups, why isn’t there a wine garden pop-up yet?” Terry Lozoff, VP of Marketing at Latitude Beverage, told Boston magazine. “It needed to happen. There’s a major portion of the consumer audience that doesn’t like beer.”

"The new generation of wine drinkers wants a fun wine tasting and drinking experience," stated Lozoff. "The traditional wine tasting room doesn't always connect with today's younger wine consumer. Our truck offers an interactive experience, so people can enjoy and discover great wines in an approachable setting."

In other words? The kids want Prosecco, right? Let ‘em have Prosecco.

To see the full schedule of the Rosé & Bubbly Wine Truck, visit https://www.ninetypluscellars.com/pages/winetruck