Boston, MA - The smash hit reality TV show 90 Day Fiance was the number 1 cable show for woman in Massachusetts for a least six consecutive weeks in late 2018. It has since continued to follow the lives of couples from around the world. In the most explosive duo on the show, Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima have had their ups and downs over the course of the show and the aftermath. As the story goes, Larissa has previously been arrested as a result of domestic fights, but she has also had difficulties with Cult's mother and other relatives.

The tale is not told though, it seems. Earlier this evening, Larissa posted shocking photos to her very public Instagram which appeared to show lacerations to her face and forehead. In one post, she wrote, "Colt called the cops on me we argue."

In her Instagram story, she wrote, "Unfortunately Colt called the cops."

As of now, no additional details have been provided, and it cannot be confirmed whether this post is in reference to the known earlier arrest or a new altercation.

Update: Larissa's video (partial above) seems to suggest that there was a fight between Larissa and Colt which became physical. Larissa alleges that Colt injured her and she scratched him, but the sequence of events are unclear.

Update 2: Larissa's last post seems to suggest the fight was due to Colt's internet habits.

Update 3:

Update 4:

Update 5 (From Reddit):

Video of COLTEE ABUSING LARISSA: He had his phone blasting music in her ear! That is clearly abuse; he's baiting her so that she will respond and he will call the police on her. He is a PSYCHOPATH. from r/90DayFiance

Update 6:

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