Boston, MA - Reported earlier on Up To Boston, reality star Larissa Dos Santos Lima posted numerous images and videos of a bloody fight with her husband Colt Johnson. The couple, of one of the most watched shows by women in Massachusetts, 90 Day Fiance features individuals looking to wed and live in the U.S. via the K-1 visa, also known as the 90-day fiance visa.

It is through this immigration mechanism that Larissa moved to the U.S.A. with her new husband Colt who resides in Las Vegas.

In an ongoing theme of their relationship, Larissa made an altercation with Colt public via an Instagram post and Instagram Stories.

During the videos, Larissa indicated that she felt she was being assaulted in various ways, including sexually, by her new spouse. As her status in the U.S.A. is not permanents as of now, she also stated that she believed Colt was using deportation as a threat against her.

Today, Dos Santos Lima launched a new GoFundMe page to help deal with the legal fees associated with this event, details of which are still emerging.

The GoFundMe is asking for $5,000 in total, with (at the time of this reporting) $290 already funded.

The story that unfolded yesterday suggested that the fight arose between Larissa and Colt relating somehow to pornography accounts for which Colt had signed up as a paying customer, though this has yet to be confirmed.